“Thank you for a wonderful product! I would also like to say Thank You for sending a true professional to install the product. Paul came in when he said he was going to, put in more than a full day of work each day. He communicated with me throughout the install and left our camp with beautiful outdoor yards. If we are blessed enough to open a second camp we will definitely use Perfect Turf again!” - Camp Bow Wow Lexington East

“We were looking for pet grass and filled out requests with multiple companies. With the ones that responded we were instantly drawn to Perfect Turf. This was the best decision for our project. From day one they were always quick to respond. We chose to install it ourselves. Through the entire process they were always there to answer questions and send information above and beyond the already great information on their website. In the end the turf looks and feels of great quality. We love it and most importantly the dogs do too. It created a great looking space that people can't stop talking about when they see it. Also no more dead grass, mud and grass in the house. After our great experience we are customers for life and have already recommended them to friends and family. A huge thank you to the entire staff at Perfect Turf, especially Janet, for the great experience and great turf.” - Terry, Kara, Oliver and Todd

“It has been a great product for my dog who likes the feel of grass in her dog run without us having to maintain it. Perfect Turf was very helpful in choosing the right product for our needs and even connected us with an installer for our home.” - Karin S.

“We went from never using my backyard to always using my backyard. My kids and I play out there for hours now.” - Mike Mages

“I seriously can’t get over what a huge change it is already. I was able to happily spend time in my yard this weekend fixing it up. Haven’t done that in a few years. My only regret is not having it done 3 years ago. I labored over this decision but the end result was worth every cent. Only people with dogs can truly understand what we’ve been going through for the past few years. Your guys were really wonderful. Very professional, friendly, and stayed on task the entire time. And the job went fairly quickly. I am beyond thrilled and one happy customer!” - Toni K.

“The day after we got the puppy there were terrible rainstorms and drenching downpours! I have to say having Perfect Turf was a godsend as there was no mud etc. to deal with and Logan took right to going to the bathroom where he is supposed to. I love the ease of clean up and my neighbors all love how it looks. I told my husband that the cost of the turf just paid for itself because if we had had rocks in the run or just grass it would have been a muddy, stony mess for 2+ days and we literally had nothing tracked into the house or garage…Logan had diarrhea the first few weeks and clean up was really easy with the turf! Great customer service- I definitely give Perfect Turf a thumbs up!” - Lynn

“I had a 1200 square foot dog park installed in a residential high-rise and think it’s great, I love it. I was very impressed with the customer service and the amount of preparation they put into the project before the grass was installed.”- Dan M.

“Installation was great, punctual, and professional. The product was amazing it turned a muddy side yard, into a great play and exercise area. The dogs never came in the house again with muddy feet. The product performed exactly as we hoped. We would highly recommend the product and this installer.” - Ken A.

“Buying artificial grass from Perfect Turf® has eliminated constant summer maintenance and it makes a beautiful lawn year round.” - Terry G.

Landscape Contractor Testimonials

Tom Whelan - Whelan's Landscaping

“From day one I was given the most welcoming experience.”

“[Matt] makes it his business, his focus to make certain that I succeed as a business man, as a contractor. For that I greatly appreciate it”

“Dealing with Perfect Turf is a real pleasure. I really feel blessed to be part of their team. I feel like a stronger contractor having them stand behind me.”

Brian Hughes – Landscape by Design
“As I walked by their booth I was extremely impressed with the quality of their turf and equally impressed with how passionate they were with their product.”
“They were kind enough to open up their facility for us, last season when we weren’t able to make their seminar, and they gave us a one-on-one training which was extremely valuable for my crew and myself and I owe them a lot for that. That was great. I think that really sets them apart from other companies that wouldn’t normally do that.”
“If you’re in the market for turf, Perfect Turf has definitely got our backing and we’ve been extremely happy with everything from start to finish.”
Ben Ubben – Christy Webber Landscaping
“They have by far, the best product on the market. Whether it’s innovation on something old or coming up with something new altogether, they’re always providing the best product for our clients. And then on top of that, the training that’s provided to our crew and staff in terms of installation practices as well as sales is always appreciated.”
Don Snelton – Turf Systems Incorporated
“I started doing business about 4 years ago with Perfect Turf. It’s been a Godsend really. They have terrific sales staff; their products are excellent. Site assistance if you need it, they’re great problem solvers. It’s really wonderful to have a company in the Chicagoland area where I can pick up materials, deliver them same-day, not have to worry about delivery issues or the cost of cartage. There isn’t a product that I’ve used from them that isn’t of excellent quality and I see myself doing business with them for quite a long time. I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing Perfect Turf for your turf supply or turf installation needs.”
Mike Brunsky – Gruene Valley Ventures
“For us, it starts with the people and from top to bottom, Perfect Turf has the very best people we have ever worked with. Professional, helpful, considerate - they get the job done and certainly go well beyond what they need to do to make our lives easier. Second, the value of the product. In the end the product has to look good, be priced fairly, be durable and supported when there’s problems. We have found the Perfect Turf products are the best value that we have found in the synthetic turf industry. Thirdly, what does our end user think about the turf. Without a doubt, when we install the Perfect Turf product, our customers are overwhelmingly positive about the look, the feel, and the value that they received from us. In the end Perfect Turf has become like family to us and I couldn’t imagine being in this industry without them.”

- John Keane

- John Keane 3 Year Update

- Putting Green Rescue

- Putting Green Birthday Surprise

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