At Perfect Turf we take great pride in our ability to assist customers with their Perfect Turf installations. Our customers receive detailed, written installation instructions, access to video tutorials and scaled cutting and seaming diagrams.

If any questions arise during your installation, or if you would like to get a copy of our Installation Guide, please contact us. A Perfect Turf Representative will provide the support you need and answer any questions that you have.

Placing Perfect Turf® – Part 1

Placing Perfect Turf® – Part 2

Cutting Perfect Turf®

Cutting The Scrim Off

Setting Nail Board – Part 1

Setting Nail Board – Part 2

Making A Head Seam

Seaming Turf – Part 1

Seaming Turf – Part 2

Seaming Turf – Part 3

Seaming Turf – Part 4

Seaming Turf – Part 5

Using a Powerbroom

Digging The Trench

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