Perfect Turf® Warranty

Perfect Turf® comes with up to a 16-year warranty depending on application.

The Synthetic Turf Council has agreed that an 8-year warranty is the industry standard. However, Perfect Turf® strives to go above and beyond that.

Perfect Turf provides a warranty lasting up to 16-years, depending on the application. This warranty covers fiber degradation, undue fading and workmanship.

We offer a 16-year warranty on installations where we expect to see low or moderate use. Applications like dog facilities, where dozens of dogs are running and relieving themselves on a daily basis, will not last as long as a small family backyard with no pets. Our warranties are scaled to reflect that.

However, we are confident that our warranties prove to be some of the best in the industry. With that in mind, Perfect Turf will match or beat any warranty offered by a competitor. Contact us today to get a personalized quote and warranty information.

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