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Perfect Turf dog runs, landscaping, pool surrounds, putting greens, rooftops and more can be found across the country, especially in the Midwest. We pride ourselves in offering unmatched customer service and a variety of industry-leading products.

Perfect Turf is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution to mud or patchy grass. From hard-to-maintain areas to social gathering spots or landscape design, we have you covered. Homeowners can browse our product catalog, Consumer Resources or consult with Customer Service Representatives. We understand that every project is unique and will work with you to create a project that best suits your needs.

Installation Information

Perfect Turf offers professional installation services nationwide using our dealer network. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. A Customer Service Representative will then provide you with a quick quote that will include installation and materials. If you are comfortable with the price range, a Project Specialist will assist in coordinating a site assessment. At the time of the assessment, the installers will take exact measurements and provide you with a formal proposal and product samples to review.

Our synthetic turf materials are also available for any customer to purchase, along with the accessories or tools needed to do so. If you are considering a DIY project, please let us know. Our team will provide you with installation resources that include written guides and video tutorials.

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Consumer Resources

Perfect Turf is dedicated to providing elite customer service. To assist customers during the shopping or purchasing process, we created references such as the Consumer Buying Guide and the Warranty White Paper. This literature outlines the ins and outs of synthetic turf, as well as breaking down the sometimes overwhelming or confusing industry language.

Whether you purchase from us or not, we hope that you will find these resources to be a valuable tool. To receive a free copy of any of our consumer resource documents, please click the button below. A Perfect Turf Representative will send you a copy as quickly as we are able.

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If you would like to purchase a sample or samples of our turf products, please click the button below. Once we receive your order, our team will ship the sample(s) and send you tracking information. Samples typically ship within 24 to 48 business hours.

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