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At Perfect Turf we love our dogs and understand that you do too! Our PetGrass® product line was designed specifically for dogs, with their health and safety in mind. PetGrass offers durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean pet surfacing solutions for hard or soft surfaces. The products can be used indoors or out, with large or small breeds and holds up well in high-traffic areas.

As an innovative company, we are constantly improving our products to create enhanced, sustainable solutions that address the needs of our customers. This has resulted in a product line that includes color variations, a flushing system, maximized drainage and safety features to combat odor and bacteria buildup.

Our team will work closely with you, to learn and understand your needs and project objectives. We recognize that each project is unique and should be treated that way. Whether you own a facility or are planning a community dog park, PetGrass offers an elite pet product for your furry friends to enjoy.

Introducing the PetGrass® POD® Flushing System

The Perfect Turf Flushing System can be used with certain PetGrass POD Systems, offering a cleaner, safer environment for your furry friends! Unlike other perimeter-only systems, our flushing system is designed specifically for each individual location, to maximize pressure and reach toward a drain. Configuring those irrigating fingers allows for increased coverage of the entire area, not just those along the edges.

Our flushing system offers an extra layer of protection against odor and bacteria buildup that can create a stinky situation. Instead, this customized setup ensures a fresh, sanitary play surface. Plus, the portability and ease of cleaning that PetGrass POD customers enjoy will not be compromised.

Ask us for more information about the new PetGrass POD Flushing System today!

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Thank you for your interest in Perfect Turf! Please follow the link below to receive free PetGrass® product samples. If you have any questions or are in need of customer support, please contact us and a Pet Facility Expert will assist you as quickly as they are able.

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