Poured in Place Rubber

In response to our customers’ needs, Perfect Turf now offers poured rubber surfacing in addition to synthetic turf. Our poured rubber product is a 2-layer system comprised of a basemat that is 100% pre-consumer recycled rubber. This rubber does not come from discarded tires.

The topcoat is comprised of TPV premium rubber granules, polyurethane and either an aromatic or aliphatic urethane binder. TPV is the industry’s premium rubber granule due to its UV stabilizing manufacturing processes. Our PerfectPlay ® Rubber Safety Surface uses TPV at varying degrees of thickness, to achieve required levels of fall height protection, up to 12’.

We offer 19 solid colors, with custom color blends and logo designs available upon request. Please click here to view our full poured rubber color palette. A digital color mixer will also be coming soon!

Overall, the keys to a successful, long-lasting poured rubber surface include the design, drainage, maintenance and the installer’s experience. Contact us to discuss these details and how we can best assist your client or organization.

PerfectPlay Color Chart

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