PerfectSod 55™

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PerfectSod 55 is a cost-effective version of the 80 oz. product. Designed to look and feel like natural grass, PerfectSod 55 has slightly shorter, dense blades that provide a genuinely soft and full texture. With minimal maintenance, PerfectSod serves as an environmentally-friendly landscaping alternative to mud or patchy, dead grass. Make the change and enjoy a crisp, green lawn with PerfectSod 55!

Applications: This turf is ideal for low to medium traffic areas, including public or private landscaping, golf fringe, pool surrounds, road medians, and other municipal spaces.
Face Weight: 55 oz.
Pile Height: 1.25″
Roll Width: 15’ (180”) wide rolls
Yarn Color: Two-Tone green with a green and tan thatch layer
Yarn Type: 7,300 denier, texturized polyethylene blades with a 5,000 denier, two-tone polyethylene thatch layer and semi-texturized fibers. Blades are formed into a “W” shape for enhanced resiliency and aesthetics.
Construction Details: Type: Tufted | Gauge 3/8″
Primary Backing: 7.5 oz., stabilized, multi-layered, woven polypropylene
Secondary Backing: 18.0 oz., polyurethane coating
Total Weight: 80.5 oz.
Perforations: 3” x 4” on center
Infill Requirements: 1.5-3 lbs/sf based on application
Warranty: 10-year commercial | 16-year residential

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