Perfect Turf LLC is proud to be the vendor of choice for the Synthetic Turf under the new Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago.

On May 27th, 2016, Chicago’s Navy Pier unveiled a new, taller, state-of-the-art ferris wheel, marking the completion of the first phase of its pier-wide redevelopment to commemorate its 100 year anniversary.  Named “Centennial Wheel“, the new wheel is 50 feet taller than its predecessor, and can accommodate up to 180 more passengers per ride.  It features temperature controlled gondolas with advanced technology for passenger comfort.  A ride will take 15 minutes and make three full rotations.

Perfect Turf LLC, makers of Perfect Turf®, the only national brand of synthetic turf based in Chicago, is proud to be the provider of the synthetic turf installed under the new ferris wheel.

Perfect Turf LLC’s  Natural Series® Natural 84 product was chosen for its combination of realistic look and durability. This turf is one of the most realistic natural-looking synthetic turfs available on the market with a thick, dense feel that is soft to walk on.

Perfect Turf LLC is a local company based in Wood Dale, Illinois, just outside of Chicago with a history of industry leading innovations for over 10 years.

Perfect Turf LLC is the first artificial grass company in the Chicago metropolitan area to complete a no-rubber-infill, padded synthetic turf playground, the first to install an artificial turf cricket pitch, the first to produce disc golf tee boxes and the only Chicago-area synthetic turf company to produce its own artificial turf including Perfect Turf® PetGrass® the best synthetic turf made especially for use with dogs.

Perfect Turf LLC’s principal, Matt Scavo, who supervised the Navy Pier project said, “We are proud of the work we have done in the Chicago area and are thrilled to be a part of Navy Pier’s ongoing pier-wide redevelopment efforts as part of the Centennial Vision.”