Just when you thought the grass here at Perfect Turf® could not get any greener, we introduce a synthetic turf that is completely recyclable! Perfect Turf®’s new InoGreen™ series  is the latest artificial turf  in which the whole product, including the secondary backing, is ENTIRELY recyclable and re-usable. InoGreen™ is the only product currently available on the market that is not only recyclable but re-usable for production of artificial grass fibers! This makes InoGreen™ the only “closed loop” artificial grass on the market.

This isn’t the first time Perfect Turf® has gone green. Artificial turf uses very little water to maintain its lawns, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every year. It also does not require any fertilizers to maintain its healthy, green appearance thus no adverse effects to our water supply. Finally, say goodbye to lawn mower gases, artificially turfed lawns never require a trim thereby reducing air pollutants. 

Wanna know more about how Perfect Turf® is environmentally friendly? Here is some interesting information pertaining to artificial turf and how you are helping the environment by using it!
For more information or to request samples of our new InoGreen™ series, call our office toll-free at 888-SYN-TURF or 888-796-8873.